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Welcome to the Method Mixtapes!!!

2RRR is excited to announce a brand new program Method Mixtapes to hit the airwaves Monday night 8pm-10pm.

Join Method Mixtape host Andrew on a handcrafted journey of musical discovery through an eclectic mix of rock n roll, blues and soul, reggae and punk, folk and funk, country and pop, roots n’ hip hop, and pretty much anything and everything in between. We will also throw in some backstories, random facts, and useless trivia.

To keep things interesting, each Method Mixtape will explore a theme, where the chosen songs will focus on a topic, a genre, a musical instrument, a place, or a period in time. We always slip in a couple of classics and faves, but generally, we’ll take the road less travelled and play some stuff you may not have heard before, including of course, some cool covers.

So join us every Monday night at 8pm for 2 hours of tuneful goodness and musical exploration.