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Wireheads – ‘Lightning Ears’

This week’s feature album comes from the Adelaide genre-bending group Wireheads, with this record “Lightning Ears” being their fourth release in three years.

Probably their most consistent release as of late, the recording process wasn’t without controversy, with the band originally booked in to record at another studio which had closed down a little bit before they were due to record.

After producing the band’s second record “Big Issues” at his Olympia, Washington studio in 2014, Calvin Johnson the man behind US label K Records, was all lined up for round two but pulled the pin.

Founder and frontman Dom Trimboli tolled Broadsheet, “I got this email from Calvin, not long before we were meant to be leaving he’s like, ‘yeah my studio’s closing down’. Well that’s a fairly big pickle, I thought. We’d all booked our flights!”

Johnson then came up with quite a unique replacement, a deconsecrated Catholic church turned studio on a cluster of islands in northern Washington.

As a result of the roaming to this very interesting studio, Wireheads have produced one of their most interesting and playful albums yet that is certainly worth a listen.


Words: Nathan Letts


Highlight tracks: Technical Man, Indian Pacific Express, Poison Apples and Wonderful Wizard.


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