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World’s Greatest Drummer on Retropopic Radio

Tonight, Neil Saint talks with one of the world’s best drummers US session musician Kenny Aronoff. He asks “What are Kenny’s memories of his childhood? Which legend, who became an early Apple signing, did he turn down for his band early on? Where does his fantastic communication ability come from? What sort of a work ethic does Kenny keep to? How does he remember the day JFK  was shot? Why was The Beatles Ed Sullivan show such a turning point moment? Why did he embark on a classic drumming training? Where does this incredible competitive instinct come from? Away from his ability, how has Kenny become such a great drummer? How did he hear a private discussion between Seiji Ozawa and Leonard Bernstein on their conductiing philosophies? Why did he choose to move away from the classics towards becoming a rock drummer? How did he get to know of the John Mellencamp audition which changed his life? What were the details of the audition? Passing the audition to become Mellencamp’s live drummer why does he not get chosen to play on his album? What was his thinking on working for free with Mellencamp? How did he save his career by coming up with a key part of the hit song ‘Jack & Diane’? What are the details of this seminal moment?

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