Yasmine Hosseini – ‘Chiaroscuro’

Our feature album this week is from Yasmine Hosseini with her debut-album ‘Chiaroscuro’.

Yasmine is a seventeen-year-old indie musician from Perth, WA. Since the age of nine she has had a curious passion and desire to learn and explore the wide world of music. Inspired by bands such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty, Yasmine’s music is a blend of old and new musical talent.

Her new album ‘Chiaroscuro’ is a culmination of everything she has learnt as a musician. It is filled with beautiful production and lovely vocal talent which when combined together create heart-warming musical pieces.

I could imagine listening to this record in a warm winters home by the fireplace. It brings back memories of youthfulness and innocence.

Featured Tracks: Lola, Rusty, Strawberries & Cream, and Somewhere.

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