Zion Garcia – ‘Plastic Woman’

Our feature album this week is from Sydney hip-hop artist Zion Garcia with his exceptionally crafted debut-album ‘Plastic Woman.’

At only 16 years of age, Zion Garcia is without question one of the most exciting and talented musicians to come out of the Sydney music scene. His music is both extremely insightful and beautifully crafted; featuring sleek production and excellent vocal delivery. His latest album ‘Plastic Woman’ is further proof of this.

Taking lyricism and beat-play to a whole new dimension, ‘Plastic Woman’ is definitely Zion’s most impressive work to date. The record flows through themes of heartache, family, love, and nostalgia with acute precision.

On a production note, the record offers a highly engaging palette of tunes, ranging from acoustic pieces, trap-inspired rap jams, 90’s produced funk beats, and ‘XXXTentacion’ styled melodic raps.

The highlight of the album (for me at least) is its 8th track Fly. Driven by the story of Zion and his family, this track is not only powerful, but masterfully written. It is a song you’d expect from an artist who’s been at the game for nearly two decades, however, this is from someone who’s not even 18 yet!

Everything about ‘Plastic Woman’ blows me away. I cannot begin to describe how moving and impressive the album is from start to finish. It’s honestly the ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ of Australian hip-hop albums; and by no stretch, an amazing work of art.

If I’d recommend any artist to look out for in the future, I’d say Zion Garcia. His music deserves your attention, and I promise he will not disappoint.

Featured Tracks: Roald Dahl, 9572, Fly, Month 12, Temporary Nothing (For Maia) and Honey.

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