Songs of the Week (23.03.2019)

This week in music saw some old faces return unexpectedly to bless us with new tunes; including Flume, Tame Impala and more! For die-hard Flume fans, this week will go down as being one of the most exciting weeks ever.

Songs of the Week (15.03.2019)

This week in music featured some killer releases from Pilot, Odd Mob, Anderson Paak. and more! First off, Ben Beveridge (aka. Pilot) dropped his fantastic sophomore EP Innate. on Friday. The EP features some amazing production, inspired by the likes of Flume,

2RRR Fundraiser Cruise on 23rd March

4 hours of cruising on the Rhythmboat around beautiful Sydney Harbour with fantastic live music! Come along and have a great time dancing and supporting 2RRR! Book now!

Feature Albums

Stella Donnelly – Beware of the Dogs

Our feature album this week is from Perth musician Stella Donnelly with her highly anticipated debut-album Beware of the Dogs. Stella first emerged into the public’s eye with the release of her two singles Mechanical Bull and Boys Will Be Boys in 2017. Generating widespread

Seattic – Retrospeculation

Our feature album this week is from Melbourne electronic artist Seattic with his debut-record Retrospeculation.  Seattic is the solo-project of Adrian Osman, the former lead guitarist of Brisbane rock outfit Tourism. Taking a departure from his traditionally rock roots, under the

Keonico – Be Someone Else

Our feature album this week is from Hunters Hill producer Keonico with his brand-new album Be Someone Else. Keonico is an electronic music project that has been operating over the past three years by none other than myself (Lachlan Stevens).

Featured Programs

Guide to the Nineties on Retropopic Radio

Neil Saint together with Matt Curley asks “How big were ‘The Divinyls’? Why were ‘Crowded House’, along with ‘You & Me’, such sensations? Who were ‘Ratcat’? What was the Sydney live scene like in The 90s? Remember RETROPOPIC RADIO is

Take The A Train To Midday Jazz

Who cares? They all laughed when I said I’ll take the A Train instead of truckin’ off to Buffalo. Maybe Buddy Rich, Stacey Kent, Benny Carter and Jackie Cooper would have done the same.​ But how did Duke Ellington fit

A Little Borage and Geraniums on Real World Gardener

Have you ever grown Borage? The Spice It Up segment will tell you how to use it. Stand by to be surprised. Growing ginger is easy in vegetable heroes, Modern garden styles in Design Elements old fashioned Geraniums have so