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Volcanoes on Real World Gardener

Melbourne Botanic Gardens – William Guilfoyle’s Volcano

Did you know that there was a man made volcano in Melbourne? The man behind it’s construction was William Guilfoyle. But who was William Guilfoyle and why is he important to gardening in Australia? That’s coming up in the Garden History segment. Sprouts are for the busy gardener in Vegetable Heroes. This plant grow so well it can suppress your weeds. You’ll be wanting that one in Plant of the Week. Finally can you eat the most sacred of flowers, the Pot Marigold? Find out in Talking Flowers with floral therapist Mercedes Sarmini of www.flowersbymercedes.com.au If you like gardening, like our page www.facebook.com/RealWorldGardener.Tune in 5pm – 6pm


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