2RRR Radio Training Course application form



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PANEL TRAINING TIMES: Panel training sessions are approx. 2 hours and limited to 3 trainees per session. Every effort will be made to provide your first choice, but it may be necessary to allocate your second or third choice.

Please indicate (in number order) your 3 preferences below:

MONDAY       7pm – 9pm___________________________

THURSDAY    2pm – 4pm__________________________

THURSDAY    7pm – 9pm_________________________

FRIDAY           2pm – 4pm_________________________

SATURDAY    10am – 12pm_______________________

SATURDAY    12.15pm – 2.15pm___________________

SUNDAY        10am – 12pm_______________________

SUNDAY        12.15pm – 2.15pm___________________


Course completion does not guarantee air time on 2RRR, however you are encouraged to apply for a program after completing training.  Payment is for 8 sessions (Session 8 is not a lecture, 2RRR Board members and presenters attend the class to discuss the course, the station and applications for airtime) and 8 panel training sessions.

Individual trainees bear the cost of further panel training if required.

Please complete and return this form to: office@2rrr.org.au or post to 2RRR Radio Training Course, PO Box 644 GLADESVILLE NSW 1675. You will be invoiced for the full course fee, with a deposit of $95.00 payable immediately. The balance of fees must be paid no later than one week before the course starts. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits may be transferred to a later course, at the discretion of 2RRR.

Course cost $520.00 (inc. GST)

I wish to claim the concession discount $395.00 (inc. GST)             c Yes         c No

(Concession applies to full-time students and Centrelink pension card holders ONLY. A copy of the concession card MUST accompany this application form.)


How did you find out about the 2RRR Training Course?                                                                   

Have you completed a radio training course with other organizations?           c Yes              c  No

If YES please give details:                                                                                                            

Have you any previous experience in radio, either technical practical or presentation? c Yes              c  No

If YES please give details:                                                                                            


By signing this form I agree to abide by the 2RRR RTC Code of Behaviour 



Amount paid $                            Receipt number:                         date:                           initials:     _________

Amount paid $                            Receipt number:                          date:                          initials:____                

Confirmation email/receipt sent   c  yes   c   no  date:                                             ____initials:   ___________

Added to roll  c  yes  c   no  /  Course completed  c yes   c no /Certificate sent  c yes   c no /  Date certificate sent_____________