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Monterey Pop Festival on Retropopic Radio

Alongside some great music including 4 live recordings from the festival, Neil SaintĀ talks with Monterey Pop author Joel Selvin about the story of this iconic festival. In this broadcast, the focus is on the last day of this momentous festival.

Why did festival goers so comfortably embrace Ravi Shankar’s 3 hour afternoon set? How was Al Kooper, Dylan keyboardist on ‘Like A Rolling Stone’, involved in the festival? Why is that filmed Janis Joplin’s performance of ‘Ball & Chain’ so special? What are the roots of the dispute about who should go on first between Jimi Hendrix and The Who?

In what sense was Jimi Hendrix debuting in his home country at Monterey? Why did Keith Moon ‘carefully’ kick his drums over? Why does Grace Slick regard Monterey as being more important as a milestone in music than Woodstock or Altamont? RETROPOPIC RADIO is the global centre for the best pop music!

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