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Alice Skye – ‘Friends With Feelings’

Our feature album this week is from Alice Skye with her beautiful debut-record ‘Friends With Feelings’

Alice Skye is a 22 year old singer-songwriter and Wergaia/Wemba woman from Melbourne. Her songs follow a very stripped back instrumental approach, with many revolving around just her and the piano. However, this does not go to say her music isn’t interesting; in fact, her music is quite the opposite. Through her deep, personal and emotional songwriting ability, Alice projects a powerful lyrical display across the entirety of her discography. Furthermore, she has even gone to say, that members of the audience go as far as to cry in her live performances.

Her latest 10-track album ‘Friends With Feelings’ showcases the entire array of Alice’s musical talent. Songs range from special moments between the listener and her voice, to warm and colourful folk-styled arrangements. ‘Friends With Feelings’ is honestly perfect for those occasions where you just want to relax in the hammock and let music play in the background.

Featured Tracks: Poetry By Text, Friends with Feelings, 60%, and Only Bones Get Left Behind.

Support Alice Skye: Facebook Soundcloud / Spotify / Bandcamp

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