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Angie – Shyness

Sydney gal Angie (Ruined Fortune, Straight Arrows, Circle Pit, Kiosk, Southern Comfort and more) is back, minus some growl and guitars, plus a piano and beautiful soft vocals with her introspective masterpiece Shyness, out now on Rice is Nice.

One of Australia’s most exciting musicians and with two solo LP’s already under her belt, Shyness is a quiet aside to artist and musician Angela Garrick’s ever-expanding body of work. The record presents a series of compositions formed in and around a grand piano. Shyness presents quiet moments, improvisations tied down, and an almost folk sensibility centered by piano, acoustic and electric guitar.

Recorded by Jonathan Hochman (Holy Balm) the work moves between Satie-esque piano pieces towards Tangerine Dream melodies executed on electrics and through to the more contemporary quiet songform of Cat Power, Warpaint or Nico.

Ever evolving, Angie continues to impress and intrigue with Shyness, earning her Feature Album on 2RRR.

Highlights: ‘A Ring’ and ‘This House’

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