Walker Brothers on Retropopic Radio

Following 2RRR broadcasts on his earliest days in music with The Walker Brothers to their 1968 split & the growing critical successes of his first 4 solo albums, Neil Saint once again talks with Anthony Reynolds, author of ‘The Impossible

Ole’ Blue Eyes on Midday Jazz

Rob is a bit of a night owl and says ‘Round midnight, I’ll take the ‘A’ train to New York City. So save your love for me, my one and only love. Frank Sinatra , June Christy, Stan Getz and

Get Pruning on Real World Gardener

Today’s program starts with a look at pruning saws and why you might need two, in Tool Time with Cut Above Tools General Manager, Tony Mattson. Not a vegetable, but growing your own  blueberries, a super fruit in Vegetable Heroes;

Scott Walker on Retropopic Radio

Neil Saint talks with Scott Walker biographer Anthony Reynolds about this section of his journey up to the point of The Walker Brothers’ 1968 split. Why was the group known as The Walker Brothers when no one had that surname?

Dreamsville on Midday Jazz

Rob says, “I’m just foolin’ myself if I think a Sunday in New York is Dreamsville! It’s all only girl talk really. Then again, Bunny Berigan, Mary Stallings, Ray Charles and Diana Krall might have thought otherwise. It’s the last

Buzzy Bees on Real World Gardener

Marianne talks with beekeeper John Scott from Eezy Beez about “what’s it really like to keep bees?”  “Do you really need to suit up and will I get stung are some of the questions?” This summer, stay cool as a

Mental As Anything on Pop Rock

Robbie continues his chat with Mental’s lead singer Greedy Smith ahead of their upcoming national tour and release of their 40th anniversary album on vinyl. Since the release of Get Wet in November 1979, Mental As Anything has had 25

Cotton Fields on Real World Gardener

Host Marianne talks with Margaret Mossakowska from www.mosshouse.com.au about growing plant fibres such as cotton, loofah, and lomandra. Grow the soy bean snack called Edamame in vegetable heroes; lawn alternatives for low foot traffic areas and which flowers are edible

Coolest Jazz on Midday Jazz

Rob asks cheekily, “What are you doing the rest of your life, nature boy, or are you just waiting for some nice girl to ask you this question as well?”  Maybe Bill Evans, Carol Ralph, Tommy Dorsey or Blossom Dearie