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Bossa Nova on There Goes That Song Again

In our first hour this week, Brian will feature a “Bossa Nova Special”. Originating in Brazil in the late 1950s, the new beat of the Bossa Nova swept the world in the early 1960s.   Brian will talk about its origins, play lots of the original songs from the 1960s, and will also be featuring tracks from a brand new album called “Bossa Nova” released last Friday,24th July.  It’s by a group called 510 Jazz, whose inspiration came from the original Bossa Nova artists, and will include an interview with the leader of the group, John Vargas.

In our second hour, we’ll continue with Part 2 of a program we’re calling “The hits we didn’t hear”.   For much of the period 1953 to 1956, recordings from the major American recording company RCA Victor were not available in Australia.  So we missed a lot of the hits from major artists like Perry Como, Eddie Fisher, Dinah Shore and others.We had Part 1 several months ago, and will continue with Part 2 this week.

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