EP Review: Kai Whiston – No World Eternal

‘No World Eternal’ was a surprise new EP to see from Kai Whiston. I was a big fan of his debut album ‘Kai Whiston Bitch’, however I struggled to enjoy his second solo record ‘No World As Good As Mine’. Thankfully, with the help of some friends, the remixes for that album are way better than their originals.

Most of the remixers off ‘No World Eternal’ I have never heard of before which is awesome considering how unique and creative they all are. I was a particular fan of the sv1 remix of ‘Hell For Ourselves!’ which features some jaw-dropping sound design and textures.

Favourite Tracks: Gylder Fawr (Ryan Hemsworth Remix), Hell For Ourselves! (sv1 Remix), and Don’t Need It (S280F Remix) | Score: 4.0/5


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