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Farewell Rick Farraway – My Kind of Jazz


Rick Farraway has spent the last 24 years presenting programs at 2RRR, but Rick is now hanging up his headphones. Rick’s program, My Kind of Jazz, wraps up on Thursday 13 September.

Rick loves jazz and has been involved with jazz programs at 2RRR since 1994. Rick filled in for Peter Cowden and, before he knew it, Rick was on four programs a week, mornings, noon and evenings. Somehow he managed this as well as working for AWA for 17.5 years and Johnson and Johnson for 20 years. Rick also juggled all of this with being a professional musician for 16 years, playing bass in jazz bands. Rick also spent 14 years working with the owner of the historic 1850’s Roughley House, a private museum. Clive Roughley was born in the house which is now the Sydney Hills Visitor Interpretation Centre.

Rick estimates that he has hosted between 1500 – 2000 programs during his time with 2RRR plus 3 years, in the late 1990s, at 2HHH in Hornsby while also at 2RRR. Rick’s listeners will miss Rick’s dulcet tones and fine jazz offerings and 2RRR will miss Rick being an important part of the station. 2RRR thanks Rick for his ongoing dedication to the station and wishes Rick all the best for the future



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