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A Guide to the 60’s on Retropopic Radio

The Saint of Retropopic Radio interviewed a range of Australian pop musicians to gain better understanding on the story of Australian pop in the sixties. They included:Brian Cadd of The Groop & Axiom; Mark Gable of The Choirboys;JPY; Steve Kilbey of The Church; Russell Morris; Bob Spencer of Finch, Skyhooks, The Angels and now with Rose Tattoo

You’ll hear their stories alongside great Australian songs from the decade. Why were The Easybeats such a phenomenon in Australia? With the quality and variety of pop music, how come there was no Australian breakthrough in the bigger US/UK markets? What role did Ian ‘Mollie’ Meldrum play in the creation of The Real Thing? What was it like being a pop star at the end of the decade for Russell Morris?
Stay tuned to follow the progress of this Outsiders’ guide… Remember RETROPOPICRADIO is the home of the great artist Interview.


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