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Imitation and Hilltoppers on There Goes That Song Again

This week, Brian is re-playing two of his previous Specials.  In the first hour at 2pm, his theme is “Imitations”.  When an artist develops a distinctive style, other artists have attempted to imitate them, mostly for comedic effect but sometimes to cash in on their fame.  Every record in today’s Special at 2pm is an imitation of one or more other artists. Then at 3pm, Brian will feature the “The Hilltoppers”.   They were a very popular vocal group in the 1950s in the United States, having twenty one hits in the Top 30 between 1952 and 1957, eight of them in the Top 10.  They were lesser known in Australia, but one of their members, Billy Vaughn, was well known as an orchestra leader. He had many hits in his own distinctive style as well as providing the orchestral backing for Pat Boone and other artists at Dot Records. (repeated Friday 11am-12pm) 


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