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Interview with “Ocean Colour Scene” on Retropopic

The following conversation took place between RETROPOPIC & SIMON FOWLER of OCEAN COLOUR SCENE on October 20th 2017

Neil: Before the group you worked as a journalist at ‘The Birmingham Evening Post’

Simon: Yes and I regretted it almost straightaway. I realised I wanted to be a sports commentator and thought it would be a route way towards that, a way to get on television. I could see pretty quickly that this wasn’t going to be the case! At that time it seemed a ridiculous notion I’d ever get to be on television.

Neil: How did you arrive at the name Ocean Colour Scene?

Simon: From memory, randomly flicking through the pages of books at a library and pointing at words. The combination sounded good.

Neil: What do feel about your first album?

Simon: We got financial help from Steve Cradock’s dad. I’m personally not pleased with it. I think the main thing was that it didn’t sound like us.

Neil: Why do you think ‘Moseley Shoals’ was so successful?

Simon: It’s difficult to say. I just think by that time we played much better as a group. It might seem as though with the title it was celebration of recording at ‘Moseley Shoals’ studio but we recorded the album at quite a few studios.

Neil: Song writing credits were shared across the group for the album.

Simon: Yes early on I realised that as most bands fall out over song writing it seemed sensible to share song writing from the outset but in reality I wrote all the songs on the album.

Neil: You were invited to play with Oasis at Knebworth in 1996 by Noel Gallagher at the peak of Britpop.

Simon: Yes I remember that fondly. Noel sent us a card congratulating us for being ‘the second best group in the world’! I remember videoing the crowd and everybody going crazy when I did that. When the album ‘Marchin’ Already’ got to number one in the UK it was a great feeling. That whole period was great fun, characterised by lots of late nights and very little sleep. I think we coped with those times well, dealing with it by constantly working hard.

Neil: You wrote ‘Soul Driver’ about Paul Weller.

Simon: Steve Craddock had known Paul since 1988. He’s a good bloke but can be pretty grumpy on occasions, as I guess we all can.

Neil: In the era of free downloading arguably touring is now the way you make money. How do you see the future of the band?

Simon: I need to write some more songs so we can release an album, there’s a limit on how long you just keep playing old songs, even with something like ‘The Riverboat Song’!



Ocean Colour Scene tour Australia during November. Keep up to date with news on forthcoming programs through The Retropopic FB Group Page.


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