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Kenny Aronoff on Retropopic Radio

Neil Saint asks in part 2 of this interview “What was Kenny’s initial reaction to leaving John Mellencamp after so many years working as his drummer? Which great artists did he work with directly after leaving Mellencamp? What are his memories of working on Jeffersen Airplane’s last studio album? Part of their musical family why didn’t that version of the band continue? What affect did becoming Don Was’s ‘go to drummer’ have on Kenny’s career? How did he get to be involved with Bob Dylan? What relationship did he have with Bob Dylan? How did Kenny create the track ‘Wiggle Wiggle’ which appeared on Dylan’s 1990 album ‘Under The Red Sky’? What are his memories of that album recording? In what way is Kenny inspired by drummer Steve Gadd? Which country, rock and

pop artists/icons has Kenny played with (the list is ENORMOUS & HUGELY impressive….you gotta listen)? What is the modus operandi (MO) that Kenny always sticks to in playing with such a wide range of artists? What does Kenny describe as his ‘signature sound’? How philosophical is Kenny? What were his feelings of working with musical icons such as Brian Wilson,

Johnny Cash & Rod Stewart? How does he remember working with Joe Cocker? What were his feelings playing all Stewart Copeland parts on Police songs with Sting watching on? Why does the legend John Fogerty describe Kenny as the drummer he had been looking to for all his life? How did Kenny succeed working with John where all other drummers failed? How did Kenny get to be the drummer on the TV special in the US celebrating 50 years of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan PLAYING with Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr? Why is Ringo Starr such a drumming icon? What interaction did Kenny have at the event with Ringo & his wife Barbara Bach? How did Ringo react to Kenny’s drumming? What are the Dave Grohl & Cameron Diaz stories that were left out of his biography? How well does he get along with rock n roll great Jerry Lee Lewis, who he plays with at the moment? What are his life’s objectives now?”

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