We LOVE getting new music (who doesn’t?) especially when it’s from talented up and coming and new artists from Sydney and Australia.

If you are an artist or in a band and would like to send your music into 2RRR, here are a couple of tips to make sure the songs you’ve spent such a long time on make the best impact when they reach our hot little hands:

– Send a few copies, marked with any programs or presenters that you would like to get a copy.

– Include a press release. Don’t think less of us if we haven’t heard of you yet, but with so much amazing music coming our way, it’s great to get a bit of context. Who are you, where you come from, what you’re about and what’s coming up for your project. Press releases limited to one page are preferred!

– Don’t send CDs without a case. As we receive many CDs every week, if your CD does not have a case it risks it being lost or damaged over time.

– We encourage tracks being sent digitally as it helps up manage the music library all the more effectively, giving you the best chance for airplay.

Many artists contact us about upcoming releases or shows that they would like to get interviewed about. Interview requests are great, but please give us more than 24 hours notice! The earlier the better.

For all music related enquires please send a message to music [at] 2rrr [dot] org [dot] au