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My Kind of Country

MY Kind of Country – Every Saturday Morning from 3.00am- 5;00am mostly American, then from 5;00am to 8;00am All Australian Country (Mostly Independant Country). Leonie Mc Clure also plays the occasional signed Artist and likes to give the Indies ago.

If you want to listen you can go to TUNEIN, or Listen2 my radio, or Simple Radio (These are all free Andriod Apps or go to 2rrr.org.au and listen online, or via the Radio 88.5FM).

If you like My Kind of Country, let Leonie know and she will give you a shout out, or even request a song, you can call Leonie on 6129816-2777 or let Leonie¬†know on Facebook if you are listening, You can also go to the Programme Guide on the 2RRR page, click on My Kind of Country and go to a preferred date you can click on the song by the artist and most times there is a video to watch….

So get your boots on your feet and your Hat on your head because we take you to the Tamworth Country Music Festival every week (Your Cowboy Hat that is!)

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