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New Serial on 2RRR – “Address Unknown”

Longing for a return to the golden days of radio? OR – do you enjoy a good serial?

Gather around your wireless every Thursday during April for one of Grace Gibson Productions’ all-time favourite dramas: “Address Unknown“.

In Vol. 1, narrator, Henry Simon, tells the stories of people whose records are kept in the (fictitious) Missing Persons Bureau in London. People who, in everyday life, encounter strange and unusual problems which then lead them to be reported as ‘Address Unknown’.

Hear the mysteries unfurl, 11:30 Thursdays (AEDT) – just before Midday Jazz.

If you would like this trial to continue as a regular part of our programming, email or call us at content [at] 2rrr [dot] org [dot] au or (02) 9816 2988 to let us know.


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