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Ronny Dap on Retropopic Radio

Neil Saint  talks with Melbourne musician and music fan Ronny Dap about how The Ramones’ first album affected him.

Alongside all the tracks from the album as well as songs from The Voidoids, The Damned, The New York Dolls, The Bay City Rollers & The Stooges,  Ronny Dap puts The Ramones’ first album under the microscope in this 58 minute podcast. Neil asks
“How did The Ramones settle on the roles of their first line up? Why were they so unique in the mid 70s? What made Tommy Ramone so crucial? Early on, how different was US punk to UK punk? What do we know about the album cover? Why was the album a commercial flop on it’s release? From which Scottish bubble gum pop group does the inspiration for Blitzkrieg Bop come from? Where did those unique lyric comes from? In what way was life in Australia for a lover of punk like Ronny an anomaly with what was going on at the time around NYC and in the cities of the UK? Which music influenced The Ramones? What experience was behind the lyric for 53rd & 3rd? How well did The Ramones get along with each other? What were the challenges in drumming for The Ramones?”

Retropopic Radio is also played every Monday 3pm-4pm

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