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London Calling

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Timezone: UTC+10
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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With Andy Franks

UK flavoured music show.  An eclectic mix of Punk, Funk, Soul, Britpop, Jazz, Reggae, Folk & Dubstep.

London Calling is Sydney’s premier British flavoured music show.  Hosted by Andy Franks (musician, poet, writer & Pom) every Wednesday evening from 7-9pm.

The spread of music is an eclectic mix of tunes that range from the golden age of vinyl to the yet to be released.  From demos to masterpieces & a whole lot more in besides from Punk to Funk via Soul, Jazz, Reggae, R&B, Electronica, Rock, Britpop, Folk & Dubstep.

Not content with a dazzling array of music, London Calling aims to bring regular updates on the best (& worst) of sport with a British slant (EPL & Test Cricket in particular) & to also take an occasional look at the UK’s TV, Film & Arts output too.  Guests also drop in to the studio & whether it is a regular listener sharing their top 10 British songs of all time, a local band dropping in to discuss their first release or a visiting author sharing his experiences.  The love, affection & influence of flavoured musicians & artists are never far from being the main topic.

Inspired by top UK DJ’s including the late great John Peel, the ever challenging Andy Kershaw & the magnificent innovator Gilles Peterson, London Calling aims to not only play music the listener thinks they want to hear, it also aims to play things they perhaps don’t know they want to hear but are subsequently delighted by when they do.  A regular feature of all shows is the Eight-o-Eight mix (letting the music do the talking).  There are also themed shows (by genre or artist, or featured year).  The key to every show though is the breadth of music played.

A regular show could begin with the sound of PIL ‘Poptones’, The Fall ‘Container Drivers’ onto The Ruts ‘Babylon’s Burning’, The Specials, Jackie Mittoo, King Tubby, some Gil Scott-Heron, a splash of Northern Soul, a touch of Bossa Nova, MJQ, Bartok, Burial, Ghostpoet, Nick Drake & then finish with a flourish of Barrett period Floyd, Blur & The Small Faces.

As the shows motto goes; there are two kinds of music, good & bad.  London Calling specializes in the former, the latter can be found on other radio stations.  Or as a keen listener once said “London Calling; it’s like listening to a hipster’s iPod!”


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