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Perhaps we’ll be third time lucky because Brian has advertised this program twice in recent weeks, but it was replaced at short notice by a program for a current event.     We’re calling this Special in the first hour today “Songs by the number”.  Numbers have frequently been associated with popular songs.  Songs themselves were referred to as “numbers” in bygone days – possibly a carryover from the days a girl would have a book she would record the number of the dance she’d promised to each boy.  The hit parades would rank the popular songs of the day by number.   And song lyrics sometimes included a number in their title.   We’ll hear 17 of those today, featuring each number from 1 to 18.  Brian couldn’t find any song with the number 14 in the title!
And at 3pm  we have Part 4 in our series “The Australian record industry from the 1940s to the 1960s”. Brian talks to Mel Mayer, who has been with one of the major record companies since the early 1950s, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the company.  This week, we’ll hear more about the introduction of stereo records; about the acquisition of the licence to issue other American record labels including Warner Brothers, United Artists, Kapp, Chess and Hickory; and about the issue of compilation CDs in more recent years.

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There Goes That Song Again is also on-air every Friday 11am-12pm which a repeat of the Tuesday 3pm hour.

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