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Sure Sure – ‘Sure Sure’

Sure Sure album art

This week’s feature album comes from Los Angeles based band Sure Sure.

Their self-titled debut is full of indie rock earworms, as well as a few genre-defying, exploratory tracks. The funk inspired Hands Up Head Down stands out as one of these moments, taking a grim look at the ever frustrating awkwardness of going to bar to have fun and spending the entire time feeling like you’re not cool enough to be there. This track is simultaneously the moodiest and most playful song on the album. It’s definitely the most unique – in the most positive possible way.

The album’s second track, Friends boasts one of the albums best hooks, asking a less than reciprocal love interest ‘how could you forget?’ from the setting of a Tex Mex fast food restaurant, while the jaunty piano riff takes the instrumental forefront. The interplay between the vocals and keyboard throughout this album is a particularly standout feature (refer to Koreatown for more of this), providing a nice contrast to the more guitar-focused tracks like lowlife and This Must Be The Place.

Overall, it’s an impressing balancing act. They’ve really found a sonic identity, all the while leaving room for experimentation, keeping the album streamlined without being monotonous. Thematically, each track walks the line between catchy and heartfelt, providing the opportunity to dance while screaming ‘Yes! I get that feeling too!’.

They’re currently on tour supporting fellow indie rock band Hippo Campus as they travel around the US. Their album can be found through all major channels or at their website below!

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Highlight Tracks: Hands Up Head Down, This Must Be The Place, Friends.

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