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The Japanese House – ‘Saw you in a Dream’


The Japanese House is one of the most buzzed-about artists of 2017, earning her fourth EP Saw you in a Dream Feature Album this week on 2RRR.

The 21-year-old Brit is back with a sad, sun-dappled track record after veering closer towards pop on her Swim Against The Tide EP.

The new release retreats a little to the fuzzy, soft-hued sound of her earlier material. It’s heavy on whimsy, but Amber Bain’s (her real name) knack for melody shines through.

The dream-like nature of the record is encapsulated in the chorus of the title track:

“Saw you in a dream, you came to me,

You were the sweetest apparition, such a pretty vision.

There was no reason, no explanation. The perfect hallucination.”

Highlight track: Saw you in a Dream

Delve into her dreamscape all week long on Breakfast & Youth Jukebox on 2RRR 88.5FM!

Feature Album is selected by 2RRR’s Music Director extraordinaire – Gemma Lipman from Breaking Bands.

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