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Tove Styrke – ‘Sway’

Our feature album this week is from Swedish singer and songwriter Tove Anna Linnéa Östman Styrke with her album ‘Sway’.

Anna originally gained popularity for her involvement with the Swedish version of Pop Idol in 2009. She placed third overall in the competition, and the show landed her a deal with Sony Records. This was all at the age of 16 by the way. Her self-titled debut record followed a year later, and went platinum in her home country Sweden.

Since releasing another record in 2015, she returned with her third album outing ‘Sway’. The album is everything a pop album could be; but it does way more. It’s fun, vibrant, energetic, sweet, and extremely colourful! It’s hard not to sing along to each of the eight songs on this record. They have been perfectly crafted by Anna’s smart song writing, powerful vocals and Elof Loelv’s excellent electronic production. It’s ‘pop genius’!

Maybe there should be a warning on the album cover that says “warning, these hooks will get stuck in your head” (because they will)? Whilst, even though ‘Sway’ is super catchy, it’s not repetitive or ‘generic’ in terms of its composition and arrangements. It achieves a fine balance between electro-pop and engaging music production.

One could even say it is a record that shows an evolution in pop music; similar to that of Lorde with ‘Melodrama’, and Charlie XCX with ‘Pop 2’.

Featured Tracks: Sway, Say My Name, On the Low, Mistakes, and I Lied.

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